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What To Do If You Find an Orphaned Wild Animal:

Don't Rush!! - It may not be orphaned at all. Wild young must go out and about with Mom in order to learn how to make it on their own. Mom may not be in sight when you came along.

Observe - Gather as much information as possible about the animal. What kind? Is there blood or flies? Is it moving? Is it making noises? Is it plump and round or scrawny and thin?

Leave the area - If there are no apparent injuries, leave the area for a while. This will give you a chance to call for advice and it will give the wild Mom a chance to retrieve her young.

Return - With the advice you have been given, you can now safely do what is best for both the animal and yourself.


What To Do If You Find an Injured Wild Animal:

Don't panic or rush!! - You could put yourself in danger and/or cause more injury to the animal.

Don't touch!! - Unless it has to be moved out of immediate danger (such as the road). Then you must protect yourself. Never handle injured animals without creating a barrier between it and you. For example, use heavy gloves, a blanket, net, box or board.

Do not feed!! - Keep animal warm, dark and quiet.

Call for help or advice - Do not attempt to take care of wild animals yourself. This is for your safety.


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